Bishops Itchington Men's Shed

Bishops Itchington Men's Shed

Health and Safety

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The BIMS committee are keen make the shed COVID19 secure.
Please click here for the BIMS COVID19 risk assessment.

H&S basics
Safety matters. Here is a sample checklist of ways to prevent Shedders getting hurt:-

Heat: keep fire-escape routes accessible; know what to do if there’s a fire; avoid hot tool parts e.g tool bits; return inflammables to their storage area (usually a metal cabinet); only expose open flame with supervision.

Crushing: Store heavy items lower down; No sandles, fully covering your feet; check options with supervisor when moving anything heavy.

Trips, slips and falls: no trailing wires; look behind you when moving backwards; keep floors clear of sawdust, liquids or items dropped on the floor like screws, off-cuts;

Inhaling: use dust extraction equipment inc attaching vacuums to machinery, wearing dust masks, if practical cut rather than sand or move sanding operations outside.

Cuts: use tools as instructed especially keep blades away from your person or clothing; do not store wood that is splintered or has exposed nails; beware of bladed tools when stored; turn off machines immediately after use and unplug; use all available lighting; clamp work whenever possible; beware of loose clothing, hair, attachments.

Eye damage: wear safety glasses when needed.

Ingestion: Keep chemicals away from the kitchen sink or drinking water; keep chemicals in sealed, label containers.

Strains: Learn how to lift and seek help if in doubt.

First Aid: have one or more people trained in first aid; know where the First Aid Kit is situated.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to make sure you are working safely and not endangering anyone else.

Check tools and machinery before you start.

Are they in good order?

Nothing loose or broken?

All the guards in place?



Health and Safety Law, What you Need to Know Employees Health and Safety Responsibilities

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